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Valentines 2023 Collection

  1. Kids Red and Pink Glitter Heart Necklace
  2. Kids Classic Valentines Bracelet
  3. Kids Pink and Red Glitter Valentines Bracelet
    Sold Out
  4. Kids Conversation Heart Bracelet
  5. Pink and Red Glitter Dangles
  6. Red and Pink Glitter Heart Studs
  7. Pink Pearl and Heart Clip - Large
  8. Red and Pink Glitter Clip
  9. Valentine's Heart Clip Set
  10. Candy Heart Studs
  11. Ombre Heart Dangles
  12. Candy Heart Dangles
  13. XO Glitter Dangles
  14. Black and Gold Heart Hoops
  15. Rainbow Huggie Heart Hoops
  16. Gold Huggie Heart Hoops
  17. Red Heart Hoops
  18. Marbled and Pearl Heart Huggies