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  1. Pop Fizz Clink Earrings - Rainbow confetti
  2. Pop Fizz Clink Earrings - gold stars
    Sold Out
  3. Pop Fizz Clink Earrings - Rosé Glitter
  4. Pink Glitter Holiday Tree Earrings
  5. Holly Hoops
  6. Shining Stars Necklace, Classic Colors
  7. Shining Stars Necklace, Mixed Metallic
  8. Glittering Snowflake Necklace
  9. Confetti Christmas Tree Necklace
    Sold Out
  10. Pink Christmas Tree Bracelet
  11. Plaza Lights Bracelet
  12. Christmas Tree Necklace Craft Kit
  13. Reindeer Necklace Craft Kit
  14. Holiday House Ornament Craft Kit
    Sold Out
  15. Gingerbread Girl Ornament Craft Kit
  16. Gingerbread Boy Ornament Craft Kit
  17. Reindeer Ornament Craft Kit
  18. Reindeer Necklace