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SUMMER 2024 Collection

  1. Lemon Squeezy Earrings
    Sold Out
  2. Calico Scallop Shell Studs
  3. Citrus Slice Dangles
  4. Toucan Statement Earrings
  5. Conch Shell Dangles
  6. Brass Coral Studs
  7. Blush Cockatoo Dangles
  8. Yellow Enamel and Diamond Huggie Hoops
  9. Shrimp Cocktail Dangles
  10. Fresh and Fruity Dangles
  11. Blue Enamel and Diamond Huggie Hoops
  12. Coral Dangles
  13. Hot Pink Diamond and Enamel Huggie Hoops
  14. Citrus Studs
  15. Neon Pink Hibiscus Flower Dangles
  16. White Pearlized Cockatoo Dangles
  17. Swimming Pool Dangles
  18. Bubble Gum Pink Hibiscus Flower Dangles